In April 2019, I won first place with this story in a contest sponsored by Tampa Bay Creative Loafing Newspaper. This is a story about a thirteen year-old boy from a rural village in Haiti, grappling with romantic feelings for another boy. He's confused and afraid. "What if I'm somebody I don't want to be," he said.


Black Knights

Our education system is in shambles. And as a mentor in our school system I see the first-line casualties: the minority students. We all know the grim numbers about the achievement gap and the low graduation rate of black students.



This short story (page 25) was written from a prompt (Someone left a note on your car windshield)for the 2017 February issue of The Florida Writer Magazine.


Rite of Passage

This story came to me during a conversation with a young man in Haiti who told me he wanted to come to America at any cost. I tried to dissuade him from getting on a boat, so I thought if he came anyway, why not make his journey significant.


Poor baby-Rich Baby

This story is very personal. Belle and Liz represent babies all over the world. Children are our future. We need to love them, nurture them and invest in them.


A Queen at Heart

I wrote this story about my mom on her 90th birthday. It’s published in Crone Magazine Issue #7, the Mothers & Daughters Theme issue. You can buy a copy at the link below. This issue is full of insightful stories that will resonate with anybody who has/had a mother. Oh my! That’s everybody ..


First Family Reunion

I wrote this story after we successfully executed our first “official” family reunion. It was published in Reunions Magazine on page 22 in its 2014 Spring Issue.


The Five Hundred Steps

I wrote this story in 2013 after “accidentally” discovering the steps in Coteaux Haiti. A wonder…Published by The Piker Press.


The Weekly Challenger

Published in 2014


Unprovoked Profiling

I wrote this story in 2014. It could have been written in 1914. It saddens me that someone may be writing about this issue in decades to come unless WE all learn to see each other as equals.

Unprovoked Profiling. PDF